AFRICA 014Gen.

Padova Hall JUNE 7-8, 2023


A new project born from an analysis of data on the percentage of the population in African countries within the 0-14 age group compared to the European parameter, as well as the importance of the Family in the culture of this continent and its development, not only demographic, but also economic and social.

Through steady growth in GDP and the consolidation of the middle class, Africa is positioned as a market that offers many opportunities to invest in for the coming years especially in markets involving young people.

But World 014 – focus Africa does not only look at this great continent, which is full of ferment and opportunities: since this first edition, the project has been opening up in Asia and South America to buyers other areas with high growth rates and a high percentage of the under-14 population that Italian companies often struggle to access.

Standards are changing, and increasingly in African countries the middle class is determinedly demanding “economic boom” products with attention to the environment and health. In this context, sales areas in large, medium and small retailers are becoming more and more embellished and offer quality, environmentally sustainable and health-conscious products. The idea was developed after detailed consideration of the aspects briefly outlined above, it consists of an exhibition event that brings together Italian production companies of merchandise related to the world of the family and in particular to the child with African buyers-but not only…-from large and medium distribution and specialty stores.


The initial goal-which called for the involvement of six countries in this first edition-was largely surpassed, thanks in part to important support from ICE-Agency for the promotion abroad and internationalization of Italian companies: 25 countries are represented-14 African countries, North Africa to Sub-Saharan Africa are joined by 11 countries from other areas. Buyers from Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Morocco, Senegal, but also China, India, Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Colombia, and the U.S. will arrive at the Fair in Padua.